Q and A

Can I have a caravan/RV in a caravan park?
Yes, the owner will take to the caravan park and set up, depending on the distance there may be a surcharge.
Who pays for the insurance on the motorhomes, caravans and Camper Trailers whilst hired?
Do caravans have annexes?
Are the motorhomes and caravans available for try before you buy?
Are there any caravans available for hire long term?
Can we bring our Pet?
Can I hire a caravan for a few days, short term hire?
Need caravan for accommodation for workers is this possible?
Do the motorhomes and caravans have showers and toilets?
Do I need a brake controller on my car whilst towing a caravan?
How do I know the weight of the caravan?
How many people can travel a Motorhome?
How do owners assist if there is a breakdown on their RV?
How do I know the recreational vehicles supplied are reputable

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