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  • PCH is performance based there are no upfront fees and our small fee to you for successful hire is aimed at keeping a high net return to owners.
    Feel comfortable knowing PCH support management is available to you for any component anytime.

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    Very simply Add your Recreational Vehicle as a Listing Member and publish when you choose.  You can evaluate each hire accept, decline or consider and with PCH support complete each step for the conclusion of a successful hire.     
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Please Note: If you are already a member and have a login please Contact Us PCH or phone 1300 775 127 for reset prior to listing.   

  • Insurance Cover -  

RV Owners Insurance For further information on tailored insurance whilst your RV is hired please contact CIL insurance 1800 112 481 for owner/hirer policy via PCH Referral No 14054800.  You can choose the monthly instalment option, where you can change from private use to hire use and back to private use again. Every time you add or take off hire use, CIL will adjust your monthly premiums accordingly.

  • Steps for Hire-
  1. Hire enquiries and request to Book forwarded to you for your assessment and response
  2. Be satisfied renter meets your criteria for hire. Further support on vetting renters will be provided
  3. Booking Forms sent when ready to accept Tentative booking or Requested booking
  4. Once deposit or final payments are made Hire Agreement and Booking Forms are forwarded
  5. Contact renter prior to pick up to ensure all arrangements are as agreed and monies paid.
  6. Allow enough time on pick up to provide full familiarisation on your RV. Licence check and sign off

A Successful Booked Day Fee Applies                           Rate $ per Day 
 Hire Rate under          $45 per day                                        5.00 per day  
 Hire Rate between     $46  to $130 per day                        7.00 per day    
 Hire Rate between    $131 to $215 per day                        9.00 per day    
 Hire Rate over            $215 per day                                     15.00 per day

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